“Offer an Authentic Guest Experience”

“A Guest is for Life”


Innfaith Hospitality helps you achieve a high degree of satisfaction for your visitors by offering unique culinary experiences.

Our goal is to provide quality and personalised catering services, increase visitor satisfaction and maximise profitability.

Innfaith Hospitality's success is based on:

  • The design and selection of appropriate Menus (Menu Engineering), incorporating Local Marketing and International Dietary Trends, highlighting the uniqueness of your gastronomic proposal.
  • The outstanding presentation of the proposed dishes and drinks (Wow Factor).
  • The implementation of techniques for choosing high quality food and beverage raw materials at competitive prices.
  • The design and implementation of a profitable pricing policy.
  • The creation of sales promotion and sales growth plan (Cross Selling, Up Selling Techniques)
  • The training of the staff to provide personalised service experience and anticipate the needs of visitors.